Peter has met so many old companions 

very Doctory


much pointing


that’s cool and all but I don’t think I’ll be satisfied until he and Frazer meet and reenact this masterpiece


I’m a very patient woman

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A bit of silliness. There are a lot of costume changes!

(Poor Peri. She has to wait for Six!) :D

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I finally got around to watching the first Doctors Revisited special with the attached serial The Aztecs and… halp, the Doctor and Cameca are too cute, TOO CUTE…

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"I just…wanna apologize. I know how much ya loved that coat, and I remember how you wore it. I remember loving it. Even if my opinion has changed now, I shouldn’t judge. I remember how angry and hurt ya were when people judged you, and you don’t need it from, well, yerself. So I’m sorry. I just…sometimes I forget. Sometimes I get angry. Sometimes I let my anger out at myself, even though ye came from before the war…I just try to forget. Whenever I think about time before this self, I get angry. It’s just, god Six, you ‘aven’t seen it yet! Ye don’t know ‘ow much yer gonna ‘urt. I was so enthusiastic to see ya because I loved being you. You were one of the last people I was before it ‘appened, and I just loved being you in general. But I can’t ‘elp but be angry at myself, even if ye did nothin’ wrong. It’s my way of dealin’ with things, and I know it’s a bad way to deal with it. So I won’t do it anymore. Ya know what made that coat amazin’? The person who wore it. And I ‘aven’t been able to say anythin’ positive about myself in a long time, but when it’s about you, I s’pose it’s easier." 

Six stood there, staring and listening to her future self’s words. He was actually saying sorry to himself? Well, his words were true. It really did hurt when someone made fun of his coat, but he never showed it. He just pretended to be annoyed after a while. She smiled at the last little bit, crossing her arms and giving a nod. She didn’t really know what to say now. Just, listen.


Imagine walking in on your icon dressed as a pirate, dancing and ransacking the room while “You Are A Pirate” plays in the background. When they notice you, they carefully put back the vase they were going to smash.

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The Sarah Jane Adventures Meme

» 01 quote

So Hi MK.

And It Worked.

Ya Kicked One-mun Off The Thing And Took Her Spot.

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Imagine your OTP having a baby for the first time. They have no clue about parenting, person A spends their time socializing with the neighborhood’s moms while person B relies on Google too much. Both compete on cooking the healthiest, tastiest baby food. Both schedule their turns to wake up at night when the baby cries, but person A is a heavy sleeper. B panics when the baby gets a fever after their 1st vaccination and stays up all night while A is reduced to tears trying to calm them down.

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