Guys This Is VERY Important.

Go Slap Mystery. A.K.A MK.

I Was Gonna Actually Do My Black Holes…. But i Think All I’ll Get Is Crack AND SOME OF THAT IS SERIOUS.

tsukkuyomikokuryuu said:(*dodges* XP)

DD No I’m Trying To Hail You.

tsukkuyomikokuryuu said:(Yay! All hail me!~)

OKAY. *Throws A Piece Of Hail*

tsukkuyomikokuryuu said:(Yes, listen to me, I know what I speak of; DO IT)

All Hail DD. *Bows*

tsukkuyomikokuryuu said: (Do iiiiiiiiiiit *flies around* I wanna see, it should be good, yes, do it ^w^)


tsukkuyomikokuryuu said: (XD)

I’m Concerned. Should I Do It Or Not?

— Anonymous — Four and Ten discover LSD together. Six later finds them doing something incredibly stupid.;



Someone PLEASE Give Me Some Weird DW Drabble Thing I Can Write.

What Have I Done?

ALRIGHT. LISTEN UP Y’ALL. This Is A Fantastic Jack Skellington Blog From The Nightmare Before Christmans. Y’all REALLY SHOULD Be Followin’! And If Ya Are, Then YAY!